Jul 3, 2013 / 9 notes
Starting off a a basic model was created in Sketchup. The image shows a series of two linear paths bounded by steps and water.
Next once the model was completed it was imported into and rendered in Shaderlight. Doing this gave the model more depth, adding basic shadow lines.
After this render the image was imported into Photoshop, where the image was brought to life by tree planting and adding a context through a cityscape backdrop. Having a tall skyscraper located in the centre give the viewer a focal point, whilst adding purpose to the design.
After adding in the crucial landscape elements such as planting and context, the next step was to give greater depth through adding deeper shadows and contrasts in lighting. This can be done through using the Dodge and Burn tools in Photoshop.
The last image shows the completed rendered image with an edited lighting filter along with people. Doing this is import in landscape design as it gives the image a realistic perspective and shows how the design is interpreted in reality. When rendering in Photoshop even small details can be added such as; birds, reflections in building, fuel paths from jest in the sky.
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